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The Regulatory division is responsible for keeping abreast of current federal regulations and government policies that affect an agency’s day to day operations as well as its long term business planning. The regulatory staff is often the first to learn of regulatory changes that have both direct and indirect effects on the home health and hospice industry. This up to the minute tracking of key regulatory events enables members to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing health care environment.

Providers have access to a knowledgeable and experienced team with whom they can interact on an individual basis to assist in understanding complex regulatory mandates.

Unraveling the complicated implementation of OASIS, the home health prospective payment system, and most recently, the expedited determination process for original Medicare beneficiaries, are just a few examples of how the regulatory staff has assisted its members.

NAHC continues to work with officials at CMS to bring forth provider concerns on current and impending federal regulatory and policy issues and their impact on the home health and hospice industry.

Documents labled with a NAHC are viewable by NAHC Members only.

Recent CMS Policies

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services publishes new and updated policies on a regular basis.


Proposed Regulations

Proposed regulations are preliminary federal rules that are established by the various government agencies and published in the Federal Register.

Hospice Conditions of Participation; Proposed rules

Comments on Proposed Regulations

Proposed regulations have a thirty to ninety day comment period where by all interested persons may submit written comments on the proposed rules prior to a final action.

Final Regulations

After comments to a proposed rule are analyzed by the respective government agency, a final regulation is published in the Federal Register. These final regulations are what govern the implementation of Federal programs.

Corrections to Hospice wage index  
Changes to the OASIS reporting regulation as part of the Conditions of Participation  
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