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Home Care Aide Association of America

Home Care Aide Association of AmericaThe Home Care Aide Association of America (HCAAA) was established by the National Association for Home Care (NAHC) in 1990 to provide a forum for the development of issues related to the work of the paraprofessional in home care, and to create a mechanism for legislative and regulatory advocacy on issues affecting home care aide services.

Its primary purpose is to promote national recognition of the essential nature of home care aide services as part of the home care delivery system by:

  • Advocating consistent standards of classification, training, supervision and practice;
  • Advancing a legislative and regulatory agenda which supports the effective utilization of home care aide services; and
  • Securing appropriate reimbursement from all payment sources.

HCAAA's mission statement sets forth a broad range of objectives, which seek to expand options for home care aide agencies and ensure the delivery of quality aide services. The objectives include the following:

  • Promote and maintain a national classification system for home care aides;
  • Promote the appropriate training and supervision of home care aides;
  • Provide technical assistance and interact with appropriate NAHC divisions as well as outside agencies and organizations regarding home care aide services;
  • Conduct an annual conference on home care aide issues and services, and participate in development of home care aide programming at other NAHC meetings;
  • Educate all potential payers regarding the economic value and services of home care aides;
  • Develop lists of speakers and authors on home care aide issues for publications, conferences, and meetings;
  • Foster the spirit of equity with respect to benefits provided to home care aides as employees;
  • Promote bona fide employment of home care aides and prevent inappropriate use of independent providers;
  • Provide technical assistance to NAHC members in developing private duty, support, and other services using home care aides appropriately;
  • Assist members with appropriate public relations tools to enhance recruitment and retention of home care aides;
  • Expand the membership of organizations providing home care aide services in NAHC; and
  • Promote greater awareness of home care aide services at NAHC conferences and meetings.
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