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In the various roles he has undertaken through the years, Val J. Halamandaris has been a singular driving force behind the policy and program initiatives resulting in the recognition of home health care as a viable alternative to institutionalization. His dedication to consumer advocacy, which enhances the quality of life and dignity of those receiving home health care, merits VNA HealthCare Group’s highest recognition and deepest respect. 

VNA HealthCare Group

I have the highest respect for them, especially for the nurses, aides and therapists, who devote their lives to caring for people with disabilities, the infirm and dying Americans.  There are few more noble professions.

President Barack Obama

Home health care agencies do such a wonderful job in this country helping people to be able to remain at home and allowing them to receive services

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) Chair, Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee

Home care is a combination of compassion and efficiency.  It is less expensive than institutional care...but at the same time it is a more caring, human, intimate experience, and therefore it has a greater human’s a big mistake not to try to maximize it and find ways to give people the home care option over either nursing homes, hospitals or other institutions

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich (R-GA)

Medicaid covers long-term care, but only for low-income families.  And Medicare only pays for care that is connected to a hospital discharge....our health care system must cover these vital services...[and] we should promote home-based care, which most people prefer, instead of the institutional care that we emphasize now.

Former U.S. Senator Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-CD)

We need incentives to...keep people in home health care settings...It’s dramatically less expensive than long term care.

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ)


Home care is clearly the wave of the future. It’s clearly where patients want to be cared for. I come from an ethnic family and when a member of our family is severely ill, we would never consider taking them to get institutional care. That’s true of many families for both cultural and financial reasons. If patients have a choice of where they want to be cared for, where it’s done the right way, they choose home.

Donna Shalala, former Secretary of Health and Human Services

A couple of years ago, I spent a little bit of time with the National Association for Home Care & Hospice and its president, Val J. Halamandaris, and I was just blown away. What impressed me so much was that they talked about what they do as opposed to just the strategies of how to deal with Washington or Sacramento or Albany or whatever the case may be. Val is a fanatic about care, and it comes through in every way known to mankind. It comes through in the speakers he invites to their events; it comes through in all the stuff he shares.

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence

Val’s home care organization brings thousands of caregivers together into a dynamic organization that provides them with valuable resources and tools to be even better in their important work. He helps them build self-esteem, which leads to self-motivation.

Mike Vance, former Dean of Disney and author of Think Out of the Box

Val is one of the greatest advocates for seniors in America. He goes beyond the call of duty every time.

Arthur S. Flemming, former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare

Val has brought the problems, the challenges, and the opportunities out in the open for everyone to look at. He is a visionary pointing the direction for us. 

Margaret (Peg) Cushman, Professor of Nursing and former President of the Visiting Nurses Association

Although Val has chosen to stay in the background, he deserves much of the credit for what was accomplished both at the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, where he was closely associated with me and at the House Select Committee on Aging, where he was Congressman Claude Pepper’s senior counsel and closest advisor. He put together more hearings on the subject of aging, wrote more reports, drafted more bills, and had more influence on the direction of events than anyone before him or since.

Frank E. Moss, former U.S. Senator

Val’s most important contribution is pulling together all elements of home health care and being able to organize and energize the people involved in the industry.

Frank E. Moss, former U.S. Senator

Anyone working on health care issues in Congress knows the name Val J. Halamandaris.

Kathleen Gardner Cravedi, former Staff Director of the House Select Committee on Aging

Without your untiring support and active participation, the voices of people advocating meaningful and compassionate health care reform may not have been heard by national leaders.

Michael Sullivan, Former Executive Director, Indiana Association for Home Care

All of us have been members of many organizations and NAHC is simply the best there is. NAHC aspires to excellence in every respect; its staff has been repeatedly honored as the best in Washington; the organization lives by the highest values and has demonstrated a passionate interest in the well-being of patients and providers.

Elaine Stephens, Director of Home Care of Steward Home Care/Steward Health Systems and former NAHC C

Home care increasingly is one of the basic building blocks in the developing system of long-term care.  On both economic and recuperative bases, home health care will continue to grow as an essential service for individuals, for families and for the community as a whole.

Former U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME)

NCOA is excited to be part of this great event and honored to have such influential award winners in the field of aging.

National Council of Aging

Health care at home…is something we need more of, not less of.  Let us make a commitment to preventive and long-term care.  Let us encourage home care as an alternative to nursing homes and give folks a little help to have their parents there.

Former President Bill Clinton


Session/Other Meeting Handouts

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. Depression, Dementia, and Diabetes: A Looming Epidemic for Baby Boomers. Are you ready? 9/27/2013 pdfthumb
102. 2014 Rebasing: Strategies to Counteract Constant Cuts while Improving Quality of Care 9/18/2013 pdfthumb
103. Cost Report For Beginners and Those Seeking a Refresher Course 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
104. If You Can’t Measure It You Can’t Manage It 9/23/2013 pdfthumb
105. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Integrate the Right Software System 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
106. Winning with Telehealth — Without Breaking the Bank 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
107. Recruiting and Retaining Home Care Talent to Drive Your Growth    
108. Medicaid Home Care and Hospice Program Integrity: Surveying the Landscape 10/30/2013 pdfthumb
109. Practical Measures to Ensure Compliance 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
110. Post-Acute Service Integration: Connecting the Continuum for a Value-Based World 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
111. A Winner in Health Care Reform? Stop Thinking Like a Health Care Provider 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
112. The New Referral Source And it’s Not Hospitals “Are You Ready for the Online Referral Wave?” 9/19/2013 pdfthumb
113. Complex Care Coordination: A New Line of Business for Home Care Agencies 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
114. Home Health in Action: Successful Implementation of Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) Tools and Resources 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
115. Discontinuing Medications: Dialogues for Nurses, Physicians, Patients and Families 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
116. Palliative Care and Hospice in an Accountable Care Model 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
201. Creative Teaching Strategies for Educating Remote Home Care Clinicians 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
202. How the Multi-Factorial Falls Risk Assessment Accurately Predicts Risk of Falls in a Homebound Population 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
203. Minimizing Agency Bad Debt Write-Offs for Unsigned Orders 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
204. Medicaid Pediatric PDN: Meeting Patient Needs within Budget 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
205. Clinical Analytics: Why Most Organizations Can’t Get There 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
206. Telehealth: A Strategy to Achieve Lean Operations and Operations Excellence 10/9/2013 pdfthumb
207. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Health Care Professionals 8/21/2013 pdfthumb
208. I’m on a Board. What are my Legal and Ethical Responsibilities? 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
209. Medicare, Medicaid and Third Party Payer Audits: Latest Developments and Emerging Legal Issues Affecting Home Health and Hospice Providers 9/19/2013 pdfthumb
210. Physician Strategies That Work    
211. 2014 A Watershed Year! What Does it Hold for You? 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
212. Meet ACO’s Needs: Utilize Patient-Centric Standardized Care Processes and Sustain Exceptional Outcomes with Clinical Pathways 10/26/2013 pdfthumb
213. Everything is Marketing 10/17/2013 pdfthumb
214. Reducing Re-Hospitalization Through Effective Depression Treatment 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
215. Hospice Quality Measures and the Consumer: Current Research and Practical Implications for Communicating Quality to Potential Hospice Consumers 10/8/2013 pdfthumb
216. Prognostication 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
301. Improving Wound Outcomes With a Coordinated Cross-Continuum Wound Service 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
302. Tricks or Treats? Home Health Physical Therapy Practice in 2013 and Beyond    
303. Care Integration and Network Models: How to Become a Player 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
304. Game Changers: The Current State of Home Health and Hospice Mergers and Acquisitions and How to Prepare to Sell 9/16/2013 pdfthumb
305. Town Hall Meeting on Health IT Interoperability, Standards & Certification 11/7/2013 pdfthumb
306. Technology to Promote Partnerships and Improve Care Coordination 10/10/2013 pdfthumb
307. The Formula for Hiring Right the First Time 9/27/2013 pdfthumb
308. Fair Labor Standards Act: Increased Litigation on Overtime and Minimum Wage Disputes 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
309. Implementation of Sanctions in Home Health 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
310. How to Maintain Your Margin and Still Provide Superior Quality Care 10/11/2013 pdfthumb
311. From Employee to Ambassador: Transform Your Staff into Brand and Quality Ambassadors 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
312. Health System, First Heal Thyself: Five Keys to Home Health and Hospice Growth 10/10/2013 pdfthumb
314. Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
315. Functional Decline in Hospice: Assessment, Intervention, and Documentation 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
316. Modeling Hospice Changes to Prepare For Medicare Reimbursement and Care Delivery Reform 10/28/2013 pdfthumb
317. Grassroots Lobbying: The 411 on Lobbying on “The Hill” and Beyond! 10/10/2013 pdfthumb
401. Establishing a Home Health/Hospice Bridge Program for Your Agency 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
402. Using Occupational Therapy Services for Affecting Chronic Condition Outcomes 9/27/2013 pdfthumb
403. Mergers and Acquisitions: Buying, Selling and Valuing Panel Discussion 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
404. Medicaid Home Care: Adjusting to the Changes Successfully 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
405. How the Smartphone and m-Health Technologies will Transform Home Care and Hospice 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
406. Tactics to Make Telehealth Pay Off 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
407. Recruiting and Retaining the Millennial Generation    
408. Home Health Regulatory Roundup 10/3/2013 pdfthumb
409. Home Care Compliance: With Increased Enforcement and Sanctions, It Is More Important Than Ever to Ensure Compliance    
410. President’s Forum: Predictions for Future Success    
411. Superstorm Sandy: Lessons Learned in Emergency Management for a Home Health and Hospice Agency 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
412. Enhancing Your Brand 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
413. Health Information Technology:  Using Data to Win in Readmissions in Private Duty Home Care    
414. Hospital Readmission Intervention Strategies 8/30/2013 pdfthumb
415. Child Life and Music Therapy in Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care: A Program Model 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
417. Information Technology Connects Collaboration in the Care Continuum 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
501. Revising the Scope and Standards of Home Health Nursing Practice 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
502. The Role of the Home Health Therapist in Care Transitions Rehospitalizations Reduction 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
504. Medicaid Rate Advocacy: What it Takes to Get Fair Payment 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
505. Combining Technology and Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Outcomes 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
506. The Habits of Highly Effective Telehealth Programs 11/18/2013 pdfthumb
507. Productivity: A Deep Dive in Service of the Triple Aim 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
508. Understanding Your Data Privacy and Security Vulnerabilities with the Electronic Health Record 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
509. From a Surveyor’s Perspective: A Simple Guide to Successful Surveys 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
510. Private Pay in Home Health Care: How Certified Home Health Agencies Can succeed in Private Duty Home Care 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
511. Connecting with the Heart of Home Care: The Importance of a Values-Driven Culture    
512. Three Winning Strategies to Drive Referral and Revenue Growth; Five Killer Mistakes to Avoid 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
513. Negotiating the Sale of a Home Care Agency ... The Battle Begins 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
514. The Home Health Challenge in the New Healthcare Landscape: Plan, Prepare, Position and Partner 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
515. Determining Diagnoses Related to Terminal Illness    
516. Selling the Financial Value of Hospice 10/26/2013 pdfthumb
517. Partnering with Physicians – The New Model:  Strategies to Win Business and Improve Care Coordination 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
601. Integrating Chronic Care Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
602. We Have to Comply with Medicare CoPs? But We’re a Pediatric Agency! 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
603. Managing Compliance in the Revenue Cycle 10/11/2013 pdfthumb
604. Merger and Acquisition Market Warms to Less Uncertainty:  What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
605. Advancing Wound Care Documentation: Roadblocks to Results 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
606. Collaborating to Cut Costs and Reduce Readmissions 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
607. Leadership Does Make a Difference 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
608. Employer Mandates under the Affordable Care Act 10/30/2013 pdfthumb
609. Leadership in Home Health: Elevating Everyone's Role 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
610. Partnering with Patients: The Role of the Home Care Agency in Promoting Patient Engagement 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
611. Transformation; The Key to Organizational Survival 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
612. Move That Bus! Extreme Marketing Makeover (It’s Easier Than You Think) 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
613. Insider’s Guide To Measuring Private Duty Financial Success 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
615. Becoming the "Go To" Hospice:  How to Build Successful Relationships with Nursing Homes in the Changing Regulatory Landscape 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
617. Hospice Inpatient Level of Care: How to Meet Patient Needs and Regulatory Requirements 10/14/2013 pdfthumb
701. PALS-HF: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Advanced Heart Failure 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
702. Improving Outcomes Through Effective Communication 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
703. How Benchmarking Techniques can be Used to Cut Millions In Expenses 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
704. Medicaid Issues Open Forum    
706. Using Telehealth DART to Treat Depression in Home Health 9/16/2013 pdfthumb
707. Hospice Clinical Compensation: Aligned Incentives Requires an Optimum Clinical and IDG Model 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
708. Potential Financial Disincentives for Home Health Patients with Clinical Complexity and Limited Social Resources 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
709. Legal Issues Facing Home Care Agencies: Protecting Your Business, Intellectual Property, and Bottom Line 11/2/2013 pdfthumb
710. Contract Therapy and Home Health Agencies: Is it a Sycophantic or Symbiotic Relationship?    
711. Technology + Team = Reduced Readmissions 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
712. GCM ROI ASAP: What is Geriatric Care Management and How Can It Grow Your Care Continuum? 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
713. Approaching HHCAHPS Improvement from a Multicultural Perspective 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
714. Bridging the Gaps: Providing Transitional Care With Palliative Medicine 9/18/2013 pdfthumb
715. Hospice Association of America Open Forum and Policy Roundup 10/26/2013 pdfthumb
716. PDHCA Open Forum    
801. Home Care Aides: Essential Partners in Chronic Disease Management and Transitional Care Coordination 10/16/2013 pdfthumb
803. Financial Managers Open Forum    
804. Medicare Updates by Palmetto GBA 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
805. Using Personal Dashboards to Empower Your Staff 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
806. Have Heart Failure? Telemonitoring Can Help 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
807. The Unique Role of Private Duty in Chronic Care Management 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
808. Medicare Updates and Reminders from CGS 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
809. Meet Your Medicare Contractor: National Government Services 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
810. Million Hearts Initiative Comes to Home Health 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
811. The Problem of Hospital Readmissions 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
812. Social Media: Reaching Out to Your Community Using Social Media Platforms 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
813. The Diagnosis and Treatment of OASIS Inaccuracy 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
815. The Palliative Home Care Program: One Agency’s Experience 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
816. Marketing Hospice Today for a Changing Tomorrow 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
Pre-conference/General Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
905. Pre-Conference: ICD-10 Coding Basics for Home Health and Hospice Coders 10/9/2013 pdfthumb


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