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NAHC Report: Issue# 2416, 4/24/2014
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Tablet Use on the Rise in Home Healthcare
Microsoft Ceases Support of the Windows XP Operating System
For Your Information: Leadership Track Educational Sessions Announced for NAHC's Financial Management Conference & Exhibition
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Tablet Use on the Rise in Home Healthcare

A recent article published in iHealthBeat reports that the use of tablet computers – such as the iPad, Galaxy, and Kindle – is on the rise in home healthcare. The increased use of tables is leading to increased care coordination while reducing costs.

According to the article:

“The tablets allowed caregivers to access real-time, read-only data on patient hospitalizations, office visits and lab results from the system's Epic electronic health record software…

Once the tablets were rolled out, caregivers could complete documentation on patient visits in about 24 hours, compared with three days prior to the tablets….

In addition, the tablets include a standardized formulary for medical supplies, which made the ordering process easier and faster, Healthcare IT News reports…

In the first year, the use of the tablets, in combination with the formulary, helped cut medical supply costs by 20% per visit, according to officials.”

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Microsoft Ceases Support of the Windows XP Operating System

Earlier this month, April 8, 2014, Microsoft discontinued all support for its Windows XP operating system. Microsoft’s cessation of support has implications for home health and hospice agencies that are still using the Windows XP platform, particularly as it relates to HIPAA compliance and security compliance as agencies migrate data off of Windows XP to a more modern platform.

According to a Microsoft representative, home health and hospice agencies, “should consult with their legal and privacy compliance advisers for an opinion. There are plenty of independent articles on the web opining on compliance and XP EOL.”

Agencies that continue to use unsupported the Windows XP platform may find that they will become more vulnerable to computer viruses, and that their data may no longer be HIPAA compliant.

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Leadership Track Educational Sessions Announced for NAHC’s Financial Management Conference & Exhibition

NAHC and its affiliated Home Care & Hospice Financial Managers’ Association (HHFMA) recently announced the educational sessions for its upcoming Financial Management Conference & Exhibition. The conference is being held July 13 – 15 in Chicago, IL.

This year, attendees have four different tracks to choose from – based on their and their agencies’ unique needs. The four tracks are:

  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • Changing Healthcare Delivery
  • Leadership

Below are some of the highlights from this year’s Home Health track:

Managing within Managed Care: Lessons Learned in Home Care>
Over the last several years, managed care has become a significant part of life in home care. Medicare Advantage enrollment has increased along with a growing shift to managed Medicaid, particularly Managed Long Term Services and Supports. While traditional fee-for-services remains the dominant source of business on home care, working within a managed care system is an essential part of today's operations. This program is a "lessons learned" workshop on managed home care. 

Revenue Cycle Management: Protecting Cash Flow through Efficiency, Effectiveness & Compliance
Understanding the influence of operations on the revenue cycle is critical to optimizing cash flow and avoiding unnecessary compliance risks. Managing the revenue cycle must include a means of monitoring evolving clinical and related processes that are key performance influencers. This workshop will focus on evaluating, measuring, and managing revenue cycle performance as a means of optimizing and protecting cash flow and reducing compliance risks.

Medicaid Rate Advocacy: Succeeding in Getting Fair Payment
To survive and thrive in today’s home care and hospice environment, access to capital may be a necessity.  Common strategies for success, such as initiatives for expansion, innovation in care delivery, and technology implementation, usually require a substantial investment of capital.  Increased compliance reviews and new regulatory requirements could delay payments and create the temporary need for cash to fund operations… This workshop will focus on creative strategies and alternatives for gaining access to capital to meet all your business goals.

To see all of this year’s Financial Management Conference Educational Sessions, please click here.

To register to attend this year’s Financial Management Conference, please click here.

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