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NAHC Report: Issue# 2459, 6/27/2014
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NAHC Calls for Greater Frequency of Hospice Surveys
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For Your Information: National Council on Medicaid Home Care’s Latest “Call with the Experts” Replay Now Available
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NAHC Calls for Greater Frequency of Hospice Surveys

Peter Whoriskey’s recent article in the Washington Post, “Infrequent inspections of hospices can lead to agonizing lapses in care,” brings needed attention to a vital problem that the hospice industry has sought to correct for many years: the infrequency of government reviews (or surveys) to ensure that providers meet stringent patient quality-of-care requirements.

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and its affiliate Hospice Association of America (HAA) have consistently argued for a statutorily set frequency for hospice surveys (as is the case for home health and other Medicare providers). The two organizations call on Congress and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to address this pressing need.

Action on this issue is now particularly critical for several reasons. In 2008, CMS made major changes to the Conditions of Participation under which hospices are surveyed. Yet many hospices — six full years later — have not been reviewed by government surveyors to ensure they are meeting the 2008 requirements. In addition, the hospice industry is undergoing rapid change and being subjected to increasing regulatory requirements, circumstances that make it all the more important for hospices to ensure that they maintain a continuing commitment to minimum care standards.

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NAHC Affiliate National Council on Medicaid Home Care Reflects on 15 Years since Olmstead

The Olmstead decision made home care a civil right. While Olmstead was a significant victory for the disabled community and for home and community-based services generally, subsequent litigation and statistics of states that have not achieved rebalancing towards HCBS show that the full potential of Olmstead has yet to be realized.

These trends give a greater urgency to providers to continue advocating for mechanisms to improve access to HCBS services through their state associations, as well as through state and federal governments. Stakeholders should give special attention towards HCBS reform for the elderly and physically disabled populations.

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National Council on Medicaid Home Care’s Latest “Call with the Experts” Replay Now Available

For those who wish to replay the recent National Council on Medicaid Home Care’s Call With the Experts, featuring an update on the Companionship Services Exemption and ACA Employer Mandate, the instructions to do so are listed below.

Conference: 8211725
Conference Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Conference Time: 2:23 PM  (Eastern Time)

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