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NAHC Report: Issue# 2477, 7/29/2014
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Hospice Item Set (HIS) Record Submission Begins
CMS Extends Medicare Home Health Agency Moratoria Another Six Months
For Your Information: How to Insure Your Organization is Ready to Deliver the Home Care that Referal Sources Need
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Hospice Item Set (HIS) Record Submission Begins

All Medicare-certified hospices are required to complete and submit a Hospice Item Set (HIS) Admission record and a HIS-Discharge record for patient admissions on or after July 1, 2014.

HIS record completion and submission is ongoing according to these timeframes:

  • Hospices have 14 days from admission to complete HIS-Admission records and 7 days from discharge to complete HIS-Discharge records.
  • Hospices have 30 days from a patient admission or discharge to submit the appropriate HIS record for that patient.

At this time, hospices should be preparing to submit HIS records for patient admissions in early July, or may have already submitted completed HIS records to the QIES ASAP system.

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CMS Extends Medicare Home Health Agency Moratoria Another Six Months

CMS recently announced that it was extending the moratoria on new home health agencies for another six months. CMS did not expand the moratoria to any additional geographic areas. The moratorium affects Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago areas.

CMS explains that the number of HHAs in those markets remains sufficient to serve beneficiaries while the risk of fraud and abuse in those areas continues. Existing providers and suppliers can continue to deliver and bill for services, but no new provider and supplier applications will be approved in these areas. 

This is the second six-month extension of the existing moratoria that will begin on Thursday, July 31. CMS may lift the moratoria earlier or extend it another six months by issuing another notice in the Federal Register.  During the moratoria period, CMS and the affected States will continue to monitor access to care to ensure that Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries are receiving the services they need.

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How to Insure Your Organization is Ready to Deliver the Home Care that Referal Sources Need
Pre-Conference on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at NAHC’s Annual Meeting

Sutter Center for Integrated Care faculty offer a one-day intensive, interactive, training session designed to solidify competencies for the successful implementation of the ICM-TOC program. The program will focus on person-centered, health literate care delivery and self-management support.

Specific competencies addressed by the course include:

  • Patient/family/ engagement – identification of patient needs, values, and preferences for care
  • Early identification of risk – screening for common barriers and interventions to mitigate risk
  • Medication management – with a strong focus on medication risk assessment and adherence
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration- highly functional team principles and effective care coordination
  • Leadership – creating a culture that is accountable for outcomes

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