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NAHC Report: Issue# 2510, 9/18/2014
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Lawsuit Challenging Department of Labor Overtime Rule Progresses
Extensive Hospice Educational Offerings at NAHC’s Annual Meeting & Exposition in Phoenix
For Your Information: Join Ric Edelman at NAHC’s Annual Meeting &Exposition for a Free “Mind Over Money” Seminar for Caregivers
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Lawsuit Challenging Department of Labor Overtime Rule Progresses

The lawsuit challenging the validity of the recent rule issued by the US Department of Labor modifying the "companionship services" and "live in domestic services" exemptions on the Fair Labor Standards Act is ready for hearing by the Federal District Court judge. All briefs have been filed by both NAHC and the Department of Labor and the parties are awaiting the scheduling of the case for oral argument before the judge.

The lawsuit raises the challenge that the Department of Labor rule is in direct conflict with the fair labor standards act as passed by Congress in 1974. That law allows an exemption from minimum wage and overtime compensation for work that is classified as "companionship services."  It also exempts "live in domestic services" from overtime compensation. In December, 2013 the Department of Labor finalized significant changes in the rule that bans the exemption when the workers are employed by third-party entities. Also, the rule change completely redefines the nature of "companionship services."

The Department of Labor bases its defense on the argument that the law provides it with discretion to determine which employers can "avail themselves" of the exemptions. The department continues with its argument that it did not abuse its discretion in interpreting the law as it did in the December 2013 rule. The department supports its argument with the contention that the US Supreme Court requires a party challenging a federal rule to demonstrate that it is irrational or arbitrary and capricious in order to invalidate a requirement established within the discretion of the federal administrative agency.

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Extensive Hospice Educational Offerings at NAHC’s Annual Meeting & Exposition in Phoenix

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) is gearing up for its Annual Meeting, taking place in Phoenix, Arizona, from Oct. 19 - 22.  As part of its educational offerings, NAHC has included over 60 programs that are either explicitly geared toward hospices or provide education that would be applicable to the hospice arena. 

Hospice stakeholders may want to give particular consideration to attending some of the following programs, which are geared toward addressing pending regulatory changes:

  • 114-How to Ensure Hospice Compliance, Program Integrity, and More
  • 117-How to Create Comprehensive, Resource-Based Hospice Charge Structures
  • 214-How to Deal with Current and Future Changes: Medicare Hospice Policy Roundup
  • A Special Three-Part Series on the New Hospice Cost Report:
    • 318-How to Prepare Your Hospice for the Revised Cost Reporting Requirements (Part 1)
    • 413-How to Prepare Your Hospice for the Revised Cost Reporting Requirements (Part 2)
    • 516-How to Maximize the Value of the New Cost Reporting Requirements through its Use as a Management Tool
    • 512-How to Use QAPI Data to Prepare for the Hospice Quality Reporting Program and the New Era of Competition
    • 513-How to Manage Provider Impact in 2014: Hospice Billing Change Strategies for Managing Provider Impact
    • 614-How to Make Your Decisions Stand Up to Government Scrutiny: The Non-Clinical Side of Hospice Relatedness Determinations
    • 714-How to Apply Key Coding Concepts in Establishing a Principal Hospice Diagnosis
    • 812-How to Master Hospice Aggregate CAP Reporting and Financial Management

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Join Ric Edelman at NAHC’s Annual Meeting &Exposition for a Free “Mind Over Money” Seminar for Caregivers
Session being held Monday, October 20th at 2:30pm

Join award-winning Financial Advisor Ric Edelman for his free special seminar, “Mind Over Money”, at the NAHC Annual Meeting and Exposition. The seminar will teach caregivers how to improve your financial decision-making.
Are you careful or impulsive? Confident or anxious? Do you favor safety or risk? Now, medical science and academic research reveals why we make so many mistakes with our every-day financial decisions – from choosing investments to buying clothes on sale.

In this fun and informative session, Ric reveals why we handle money the way we do and shows you how to make better financial decisions in the future.

To register for the free “Mind Over Money” Seminar, click here.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Strong Home Care Group, Inc. (SHCG) is the sole member of the certified agency Visiting Nurse Service of Rochester and Monroe County, Inc. (VNS) and of the licensed agency Signature Care (VNSC). In turn, VNS is the sole member of the licensed agency Finger Lakes Visiting Nurse Service, Inc. (FLVNS) and the licensed agency Finger Lakes Home Care, Inc. (FLHC). The combined agencies serve seven (7) counties  

Job Description:  Strong Home Care Group, Inc. seeks a dynamic, strategic, and visionary leader for the five corporations.  The President and CEO is accountable for assuring that home and community-based services meet the strategic needs of UR Medicine and aspire to set national benchmarks for patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and cost efficiency. 


  • Master’s degree in a health-related or business field. Must have 5-10 years of progressive experience in leadership management. 
  • Experience within a health system and/or academic medical center.
  • Demonstrated success as a visionary thinker with the ability to plan for the future and to execute action plans.
  • Expert knowledge of the home care and health industry. 
  • Knowledge of regulatory and The Joint Commission accreditation requirements.

Qualified candidates please send resume to:

Human Resources
2180 Empire Blvd.
Webster, NY 14580

Fax: 585-787-8369


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