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  NAHC Report: Issue# 2696, 7/2/2015
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NAHC Releases Palliative Care White Paper
CMS Posts Hospice CAHPS Updates Online
For Your Information: Major Players in Passing Medicare and Medicaid Legislation
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NAHC Comments on FY2016 Hospice Proposed Payment Rule

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and its affiliates, the Home Care & Hospice Financial Managers Association (HHFMA) and the Hospice Association of America, unveiled a palliative care white paper. The white paper was formally presented at the HHFMA Financial Management Conference this week in Nashville, TN. 

Palliative care is not well-defined and state regulations and payer requirements for it vary. Palliative Care (PC) and its “cousin,” Advanced Illness Management, answer a significant need of today’s health care system; however, the absence of a regulated model of care and reimbursement create both opportunities and challenges for home health and hospice organizations that provide this service.  This white paper is intended to share concepts and experience for providers who desire to explore and develop their own PC program.

The white paper is a comprehensive resource that addresses everything an organization needs to consider related to palliative care – the context of palliative care currently and in the future, what to consider in developing a palliative care service and how to structure it, to payment and outcomes. There are a wide variety of palliative care services that are explored through the examination of four different existing models.

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CMS Posts Hospice CAHPS Updates Online

The following announcements were recently posted to the CMS Hospice CAHPS WHAT’S NEW web page at:

CAHPS Hospice Survey XML File Specification Version 1.1 Now Available (07/01/2015)

The CAHPS Hospice Survey XML File Specification Version 1.1 (V1.1) is now available for download. The XML File Specification V1.1 will replace V1.0 and apply to data collected beginning with January 1, 2015 decedents/caregivers (Quarter 1 2015) and forward. Please click here for access.

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Major Players in Passing Medicare and Medicaid Legislation
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid legislation taking place on July 30, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice for each day in July is recognizing a different individual who played an important role in passing the legislation.

Today we recognize Anthony J. Celebrezze who served in the Ohio Senate and was the only Mayor of Cleveland in history to serve five consecutive terms. Celebrezze was then appointed by President John F. Kennedy to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, a post he held under President Lyndon B. Johnson as well. During his time as Secretary, from 1962 to 1965, Celebrezze helped develop the Medicare and Medicaid legislation and shepherded it through Congress. President Johnson, who later appointed Celebrezze to a federal judgeship, said of Celebrezze, “with tolerance and energy with singled minded purpose, he presided over the greatest thrust for the future of American education and health that his nation has ever known.”

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