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  NAHC Report: Issue# 2796, 11/30/2015
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CBO Examines Medicare Per Beneficiary Spending
Senate Republicans Attempt to Revise Affordable Care Act Repeal Legislation to Overcome Obstacles
For Your Information: 2016 Private Duty Home Care Conference
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CBO Examines Medicare Per Beneficiary Spending
Growth in Hospice, SNF Use Increase Age Group with Highest Per Beneficiary Spending

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has issued a working paper, “Changes in Medicare Spending per Beneficiary by Age” that identifies “rapid growth in spending on SNF [skilled nursing facility] and hospice care and the increasing concentration of the use of hospice care among the very old” as accounting for “almost the entire increase in the age for which Medicare spending per beneficiary was highest.” Between 1999 and 2012, the age with the highest Medicare spending per beneficiary rose by almost a decade, from 87 to 96. Over the same time period, changes in spending on SNF care, hospice care, and acute inpatient care contributed substantially to the changes in the profile of Medicare spending per beneficiary by age. Specifically, spending on SNF and hospice care for all age groups rapidly rose, with an increasing concentration of hospice use among the very old, while use of acute inpatient care declined more rapidly for younger Medicare beneficiaries than for those aged 85 or older. It should be noted that before the late 1990s rapid growth in spending on home health and SNF care were drivers of the average growth rate in spending for very old beneficiaries; that appears to have shifted to a combination of hospice and SNF care in more recent years.

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Senate Republicans Attempt to Revise Affordable Care Act Repeal Legislation to Overcome Obstacles

Republicans in the U.S. Senate are working to revise legislation that would repeal portions of the Affordable Care Act, including the employer mandate, in order to overcome obstacles to passing the legislation that have emerged in recent weeks. On October 27, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the legislation (see previous NAHC Report article here). While the President is expected to veto the measure, Republicans have stated that passing the bill in Congress would be a victory in and of itself.

However, Senate Republicans have faced obstacles to passing the legislation in order to send it to President’s desk. First, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that the bill contained non-budgetary matters, which precluded the Senate from using the reconciliation process requiring only 50 votes rather than the normal 60 votes (for more information about the reconciliation process, see previous NAHC Report article here). Senate Republicans have been working to revise the language repealing the employer and individual mandates in order to gain the Senate parliamentarian’s approval to use reconciliation.

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