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Voluntary Nonprofit Home Care Association of America

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the Voluntary Nonprofit Home Care Association of America! The Voluntary Home Care Association of America was created in 1998 to promote the interests of non-profit home care agencies and hospices. We represent the interests of visiting nurse organizations, public health and other non-profit community-based home care agencies.

Many of our organizations have been in our communities for over 100 years, before hospitals or public health as we know it now. We have a long history of providing for the underserved and most vulnerable populations. We act as a safety-net in many cases. We understand our communities and they look to our organizations for help. We have built our "brand" through many years of hard work and are proud of it.

Our boards are volunteers representing our community and highly engaged. Many of our organizations could not function without the loyalty of volunteers helping serve our patients/clients or support us with daily operational tasks. They also are proud to work and support our "missions" of serving our communities with no discrimination for ability to pay. We all have many scrapbooks with stories of service dedication, sacrifice, and celebrations. Our rich heritage and missions are what we are proud of and we will battle to preserve to the end.

We need all of you with your wisdom and skills serving in unique communities. Help the Voluntary Nonprofit Home Care Association of America by joining. Our goals are to represent our legislative and regulatory issues to the industry in a unified manner; provide educational opportunities; share best practices; and provide up to the minute information to help guide our agencies with changes in regulations. We also serve to increase public awareness and support of homecare in both the media and general public.

The Voluntary Nonprofit Home Care Association of America advisory board conducts regular conference calls about legislative and regulatory developments to assist in our advocacy on behalf of voluntary nonprofit agencies. If you would be interested in joining one or more of these calls, please let me know at

Bless you all for your service!

Denise Schrader RN MSN, NEA-BCDenise Schrader RN MSN, NEA-BC
President & Executive Director,
Visiting Nurses Association of Rockford
4223 East. State St.
Rockford, Illinois 61108

Voluntary Nonprofit Home Care Association of America
228 Seventh Street, SE Washington, DC 20003
(202) 547-7424

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