NAHC Celebrates National Nurses Week May 6-12

NAHC Celebrates National Nurses Week May 6-12

May 8, 2013 02:54 PM


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Washington, DC (May 7, 2012) – The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and its affiliate Home Healthcare Nurses Association (HHNA) are now marking National Nurses Week. From May 6 to 12, we honor the special home care and hospice nurses who serve those in need. “Our focus is to highlight the impact that nurses make day in and day out in homes across the country,” said Andrea L. Devoti, RN, chairman of the NAHC board. “This week we have a unique chance to put a human face on our industry.”
“It’s time for the public to honor nurses and thank them for all they contribute. And it’s our chance to remind everyone how hard it is for nurses to do their vital work while facing senseless cuts in reimbursement,” said Elaine Stephens, RN, chairman of HHNA.
“Nurses truly are angels of mercy; they make the difference between life and death on a daily basis,” said NAHC president Val J. Halamandaris. “They are the very personification of ‘caring,’ the one-word summary of the Golden Rule that runs through all the great religions of the world.”
HHNA has joined NAHC in launching the 2nd annual Nurse Recognition Program. HHNA has received numerous nominations from home care and hospice nurses nationwide who have provided exceptional care, reduced hospital readmissions, and made a difference in patients’ lives. Now a selection committee is reviewing all these worthy nominees to choose one nurse from each state. The committee will also identify the top 10 contenders for Home Care & Hospice Nurse of the Year.  NAHC members and the American public will cast the final vote from this select group of nurses.
The celebration of their achievements begins when their stories and photos appear in the May issue of CARING Magazine. It continues in October when NAHC invites the 50 nurses to its Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington DC. Their registration fees will be waived, and they will be honored at a reception. One of them will also be selected as Home Care & Hospice Nurse of the Year. NAHC will pay the travel and hotel expenses for this very special nurse and reward them with the gift of a new Apple iPad.
But the real reward of nursing is that it responds to a pressing demand as our aging country needs more nurses. There are now 2.6 million registered nurses, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), and that number should reach 3.2 million by 2018, amounting to a 22 percent increase. Demographic change should lead to especially vigorous growth in the field of home health care, where the number of nurses is projected to increase 33 percent by 2018. This makes it the second most-needed job in the United States, according to the latest data from the DOL.
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