Session Handouts

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. How to Work with Hospitals to Provide Better Care for Patients who have Joint Replacement Surgery 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
102. How to Grow Revenue 10/26/2015 pdfthumb
103. How to Maximize Technology to Improve Care and Reduce Cost 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
104. How to be Ready for Your Hospice Survey 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
105. How to Train Management to Create a Just Culture 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
106. How to Overhaul Your Internal Structure to Be Prepared for the New HHCoPs 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
107. How to Use Lean Principles to Drive Organizational Excellence 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
108. How to Power up Your Agency, Your Income, and your Sales Team 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
109. How to Solve New Challenges in Home Care 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
110. How Nursing Knowledge can make a Difference in Client Outcomes 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
201. How to Integrate Behavioral Health Screening and Treatment Programs in Home Health Care 9/17/2015 pdfthumb
202. How to Analyze and Contain Costs 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
203. How to Make a Plan for IT Optimization and be Ready for the Future 9/15/2015 pdfthumb
204. How to Implement an Acuity Rating System in Your Hospice Agency 10/14/2015 pdfthumb
206. How to Stay Informed: Updates from Palmetto 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
207. How to be Ready for Future Success: A Presidents’ Forum No Handout
208. How to Survive the Continuum Consolidation 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
209. How to Recruit Successfully for Private Duty Care 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
210. How to Go Beyond “Safe” in Providing Home Therapy Assessments 10/13/2015 pdfthumb
211. How to Interpret the Home Health Value Based Purchasing Program 10/26/2015 pdfthumb
301. How to Partner with Hospitals to Prevent Re-hospitalizations 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
302. How to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle in an Era of Value-Based Care 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
303. How to Use Cloud Technology to Reduce Costs and Improve Compliance 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
304. How to Integrate Palliative Care Into Your Community-Based Home Health and Hospice Programs 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
305. How to Develop An International Recruitment Program 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
306. How to Stay Informed: Medicare Updates From CGS 8/27/2015 pdfthumb
307. How to Build a Case Management System that Leads to Success 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
308. How to Create Successful Programs through Payer / Provider Collaboration 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
309. How to Respond to New Legal Challenges 10/26/2015 pdfthumb
310. How to Design A Quality Clinical Model that Drive Financial Outcomes 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
401. How to Demonstrate the Value of Therapy Services 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
402. How to Prepare Your Hospice for the Revised Cost Reporting Requirements 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
403. How to Implement and Manage the Change to Outsourced Coding 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
404. How to Assess the Financial Impact of the New Hospice Payment System 10/26/2015 pdfthumb
405. How to Develop Orientation Programs that Focus on Critical Thinking Competencies 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
406. How to Deal with Current and Future Changes: The Home Health Regulatory Roundup 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
407. How to Communicate Organizational Change 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
408. How to Develop a Niche that Meets the Needs of a Looming Epidemic: Selling Services for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias 9/17/2015 pdfthumb
409. How to Gain More Clients: Tips for Private Duty Owners and Case Managers 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
410. How to Cut Down on Security Risks: What You Don’t Know About HIPAA Security 10/15/2015 pdfthumb
501. How to Implement Centralized Coding: A Case Study 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
502. How to Successfully Avoid the Pitfalls When Growing a Business 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
503. How to Address Internal Barriers to Adopting Telehealth 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
504. How to Bring a Medical Perspective to Hospice 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
505. How to Reduce Turnover, Increase Customer Satisfaction, and Grow your Business through Caregiver Certification Programs 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
506. How to Train Staff to Be Prepared for Documentation and the New HHCoPs 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
507. How to Brand Your Agency: Communicating your Heart and Passion 10/26/2015 pdfthumb


509. How to Develop Dementia Specialty Programming for Private Duty Agencies 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
510. How to Be Ready For QAPI Home Care 9/1/2015 pdfthumb
601. How to Meet the Challenges of Chronic Disease Management in Our New Health Care Environment 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
602. How to Improve Outcomes While Dealing with Reimbursement Cuts 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
603. How to Use Telehealth to Improve Outcomes: Banner Health’s Experience with Patients in its Pioneer ACO 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
604. How to Create a “Dementia Capable” Hospice Team: Raising the Bar 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
606. How to Mitigate Risk; Enforcement Trends in Home Health and Hospice 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
607. How to Prepare for the Future of Complex Care Management 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
608. How to Develop New Models of Care for Medicaid Patients 9/3/2015 pdfthumb
609. How to Stay Informed: The Private Duty Home Care Association (PDHCA) Open Forum No Handout
610. How to Understand and Utilize HHQI’s Cardiovascular QAPI Plan 10/20/2015 pdfthumb
701. How to Determine if Your Recert LUPA Patient is High Risk 9/29/2015 pdfthumb
702. How to Be Ready for Mergers and Acquisitions 10/6/2015 pdfthumb
703. How to Unlock a Customer-Driven Growth Strategy for Your Private Duty Home Care Business 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
704. How to Deal with Current and Future Changes: Hospice Policy Roundup Part 1 10/26/2015 pdfthumb
705. How to Effectively Deal With Conflict Management 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
706. How to Stay Informed: A Panel Update on Medicaid 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
707. How to Provide Homecare for Patients in  Retirement Communities 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
708. How to Create Winning  Partnerships  with ACOs 10/6/2015 pdfthumb
709. How to Use Technology in Your Agency Now and in the Future 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
710. How to Improve Outcomes Related to Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunization 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
801. How to Use Scope of Practice as a Guide for Nursing Practice Evaluation 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
802. How to Manage Compliance in the Revenue Cycle 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
803. How to Develop the Expertise to Put Your Agency-Specific Training Online 9/3/2015 pdfthumb
804. How to Deal with Current and Future Changes: Hospice Policy Roundup Part 2 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
805. How to Prepare New Clinical Staff for the Challenges of Home Care in 2015 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
806. How to Assimilate the Tools and Best Practices Derived from the Integrated Care Management Model to Meet the New HHCoPs 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
807. How to Become a High Performing Leader 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
808. How to Improve the Customer Experience: The Keys to Improving Quality and Patient Safety 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
809. How to Grow Your Sales in Private Duty 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
810. How to Use Shared Governance for Quality/Process Improvement 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
902. How to Stay Informed: Financial Managers Open Forum 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
903. How to Re-Charge Your Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring System 10/15/2015 pdfthumb
904. How to Ensure a Culture of Compliance in your Hospice 9/29/2015 pdfthumb
905. How to Develop Systems to Improve Clinician Competence 8/24/2015 pdfthumb
907. How to Age in Place: Quality of Life through the Full Continuum: The Impact of Interior Design 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
908. How to Operate a Competitive Private Duty Program in Your Home Care Agency 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
909. How to Make the Transition to ICD-10 without Hurting Your Bottom Line 11/2/2015 pdfthumb
910. How to Create Home Health Value in Pursuit of the Triple Aim 10/7/2015 pdfthumb