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Building the Future Together

Chester Elton is a globally renowned author, executive coach, and keynote speaker, ranked among the world’s top leadership and organizational culture experts. Chester has spent two decades helping clients around the world engage their employees in organizational strategy, vision, and values. His class, curated specifically for the private duty community, will focus in on aspects of leadership, culture, and workforce well-being, all important for the future health and growth of our industry.

The Human Experience in Healthcare

Jason Wolf, President of the Patient Experience Institute (PXI) and CEO of The Beryl institute, discusses the evolution of patient experience in healthcare and the importance of the human experience in care and service delivery for the private duty home care community. Jason will explain why every role in healthcare matters and contributes towards the larger experience in care. In addition, Jason will discuss why leaders in your organization establishing patient experience as the strategic heart of your business and operations can yield great business results but also stellar patient outcomes.

Private Duty Home Care: Interactive Town Hall

The nation’s private duty home care and nursing community fulfills a unique and essential purpose in modern life; providing critical, quality, home-based care and living support services for individuals young and old, helping them to live full, independent, and connected lives in the comfort of wherever they call home. NAHC President Bill Dombi and industry leaders from the NAHC Private Duty Home Care Advisory Council will hold an interactive discussion on the most pressing issues and opportunities impacting the industry today, and how you can position your agency for success.

How Building a Great Employee Experience Will Become Your #1 Recruitment Tool

Demand for home care is higher than ever—but caregiver shortages have never been worse. Agencies that aren’t attracting caregivers are struggling to staff existing cases, let alone the growing demand of clients looking to start services. There is no quick answer. However, there is a long-term solution: earn a reputation that makes caregivers come to you. Join Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse.

Taking Quality Seriously in Private Duty: No Customer Left Behind

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) is often treated as a chore we have to “check off the list” to remain in compliance with regulations, but it’s so much more than that. There’s a reason that every successful organization in the world uses some version of QAPI as a measuring tool to continue to adapt in an ever-changing environment. Just because you don’t bill medical insurance, doesn’t mean that QAPI is less important than it is for home health and hospice. Private Duty agencies have a different, and in some ways deeper, obligation to their clientele than medical providers. You’re in their homes for extended periods of time, and become involved in many areas of their lives, including their general well-being. With this in mind, you’ll learn how analyzing QA information and applying improved performance measures to the whole spectrum of service will not only enhance the quality of care you provide, but foster loyalty amongst your clients and employees.

How to Build Professional Respect in the Personal Care Industry Through Operations

Providing personal care services can seem like a rollercoaster of emotionally led decisions, constant reacting, and the fight for consideration and respect in the care industry. It doesn’t have to be that way. In this session we will break down the five keys for creating simple, repeatable systems built on the professional solutions your agency provides. You will learn how to become known as a home care authority based on the consistency of service, reliable communication, and the standard of quality and professionalism that your leadership and team delivers.

Transitional Care Programs: A Future Focus of Private Duty Agencies

When long-term care facilities went into lockdown at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families were faced with either being separated from their loved ones or finding ways to transition them home. The call for private duty agencies to fill this gap became apparent, but many agencies were not prepared with specialty programs or trained caregivers to facilitate the transfer of care to the home environment. This presentation will equip private duty operators and owners with the knowledge they need to develop a transitional care program that will be a valuable service to hospitals, rehab facilities, long-term care facilities, payer sources and, most importantly, clients and families. Grow your business quickly by putting this service line in place and improve your caregiver retention rates while at the same time elevating the need of private duty care across the continuum.

Evolution of a 45 Year Old Company in a Major Market

With 45 years of private duty home care experience in a major market, Capital City Nurses has evolved from a small, seven million dollar business to a major market player and a 25 million dollar company. Attendees will learn how commitment to high standards, adopting a growth mindset and scaling the business for investment paved the way for business development and profitable returns for this established brand. Utilizing innovative leaders and key market resources such as highly rated senior living communities, Capital City Nurses avoided market stagnation and kept their message of “The Smart Choice for Home Care” as the go-to place for senior care. This 5-star company has several business highlights to share with new home care companies or established owners looking to make market growth a reality. Attendees will take away tangible strategies to align their growth goals.

Private Duty: Legal

Please join Polsinelli Shareholder Angelo Spinola for a comprehensive overview of the major issues impacting the home-based care industry, including the latest legislative and litigation-related developments, new DOL initiatives, and updates on COVID-19 related safety protocols mandated by OSHA, including the application of the emergency temporary standard to home-based care providers. Mr. Spinola will also summarize the state law issues impacting the industry and the latest trends related to mandatory vaccination programs.

The Playbook for Creating a Sustainable M&A Operating Model to Deliver Results

In this interactive session, Polsinelli unbundles and clarifies the M&A process in a way that is simple, efficient and scalable for transforming a growing home care provider into an optimized serial acquirer. A home care company pursuing an inorganic growth strategy must evolve from being only an agency providing home care services into an organization that acquires, integrates, and optimizes other agencies into its company’s operations. This session will give you the insights, framework, approach and tools to implement your optimized M&A Operating Model and realize greater value whether you are a founder with a one-time sell-side transaction or an acquirer completing a volume of add-ons.

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