Staff Listing

NAHC President

William A. Dombi, Esq.
Extension: 3203

NAHC Staff

Christopher Adams
Director of Business Partner Relations
Extension: 3314

Alvin Allen
Media Producer/ Videographer
Extension: 3411

Darcel Anderson
Database Coordinator
Extension: 3121

Davis Baird
Director of Government Affairs, Hospice
Extension: 3215

Scott Baum
Senior Director of Meetings
Extension: 3110


Gloria Brown
Director of Office Operations
Extension: 3304


Mary Carr
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Extension: 3325


Keith Colomb
Director of Technology Operations
Extension: 3122


Andrea Devoti
Executive Vice President
Extension: 3206


Theresa Forster
Vice President, Hospice Policy
Extension: 3305


Gail Gronlund
Member Services Specialist
Extension: 3416


Amy Guberman
Director of Education
Extension: 3202


Cheryl Lee
Education Department Assistant
Extension: 3414


Jeffrey Maheux
Office Management
Extension: 3420


Calvin McDaniel
Director of Government Affairs
Extension: 3283


Dina Potter
Human Resources
Extension: 3229


Lisa Rackstraw
Director of Membership
Extension: 3410


Trish Rollins
Member Services Coordinator
Extension: 3211


Roderick Russell
Finance/Administrative Specialist
Extension: 3424


Raul Suarez
Director, Board and Member Engagement
Extension: 3415


Thomas Threlkeld
Director of Communications
Extension: 3312


Katie Wehri
Director of Home Care & Hospice Regulatory Affairs
Extension: 3360


Kristen Wheeler
Executive Director, Private Duty Home Care at NAHC
Extension:  3409

Mark Winchester
Director of Marketing
Extension: 3320