ACTION ALERT: Tell the Senate to Include HCBS in COVID-19 Relief Legislation!

  • On Tuesday August 4th TAKE ACTION! Tell the U.S. Senate to Include Home and Community Based Services in COVID-19 Relief Bills!
  • #WeAreEssential

Now, more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, home-based care and community services (HBCS) have come to the forefront as a way to keep those at the highest risk for the virus at home while receiving the care they need under the watchful eye of a home care professional. However, in the absence of the appropriate support, protections, and funding, the safety and retention of this workforce and these crucial services are in jeopardy at a time when they are needed most.

On Tuesday August 4th, we ask you to join us in contacting your U.S. Senators as they debate the next Coronavirus aide bill.

Congress is anticipated to be actively discussing and holding floor speeches on home and community-based care and critical funding to Medicaid. Remind your representatives how important home and community-based services are to the American people. Remind them why they should include enhanced funding for them. Remind them these services are essential and those providing them are too. After all, #WeAreEssential.

We need Congress to fully understand that over three million frontline home care aides are caring for eight million Americans during this public health crisis.

We are asking you to lend your voice with a few simple clicks in supporting legislation in the next Coronavirus Relief Bill that includes:

  • Increased federal funding for Medicaid HCBS;
  • Enhanced wages for the heroic efforts of the frontline home care aides;
  • Granting financial assistance to states to ensure that Medicaid Home and Community Based Services programs can remain viable for the vulnerable patients and families they serve.

Contact your elected officials today and show your support!

Thank you in advance for adding your voice – together, we can demonstrate to Congress that the services provided by frontline home care aides are enabling at-risk populations to remain safe at home during this pandemic and beyond!

Contacted your U.S. Senator? Want to do more?

Make some noise on social media! Don’t let Congress forget Home and Community-Based Services in the next coronavirus relief package. Here are some suggested tweets and social media posts:

  • Did you know Medicaid covers 64 million people? In the midst of a pandemic & the ongoing struggle for civil rights, Medicaid is essential as we pursue health equity. #ProtectMedicaid #HomeCareFirst #NAHCHeartbeat
  • [@TwitterHandle] Home care workers are on the front lines delivering care and services to the most vulnerable. Please support them with additional funding to Medicaid HCBS programs, essential worker pay, access to childcare, and priority PPE. #HomeCareFirst #WeAreEssential
  • #Medicaid is public health insurance that covers 1 in 5 (or 70+ million!) people in the US. It’s also the only program that covers the home and community-based services (#HCBS) that people with disabilities rely on. #ProtectMedicaid #WeAreEssential
  • Medicaid is the only program that covers #HCBS—that means millions of people with disabilities rely on Medicaid to help them live in their communities. #WeAreEssential #ProtectMedicaid#NAHCHeartbeat
  • Medicaid covers the services that direct support professionals provide, helping people with disabilities with personal care, communication, household tasks, building relationships, and navigating the community. #ProtectMedicaid #WeAreEssential #HomeCareFirst
  • As states face budget crunches cuts to Medicaid hit #HCBS first and the hardest, because under Federal law, they are considered optional, but there is nothing optional about the services they provide to individuals young and old across the nation who rely on these services each and every day. #ProtectMedicaid #NAHCHeartbeat #HomeCareFirst #WeAreEssential

Join us and fight for home care patients and caregivers!


“Every Voice, Every Heart, Every Action”

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