Advocacy & Policy

Legislative Action Center

NAHC empowers its members to use social media to make our case to Congress.

You’ll become an effective advocate by using our digital grassroots advocacy tools. We make it easy for NAHC members to contact their elected officials and take action on issues that matter for home care and hospice. Our cutting-edge Phone2Action platform puts access to your lawmakers at your fingertips, letting you join in campaigns that reach elected officials via Twitter and Facebook.

Become an advocate! Join our efforts by simply texting “NAHCaction” to 52886 and following the instructions or visit to get started.

Legislative Issues

NAHC members belong to the leading voice for home care and hospice before Congress, the White House, and government agencies. Since 1982, NAHC has played an active role in educating elected representatives about the importance of home care and hospice and in molding legislation. NAHC’s legislative staff is on the inside track with respect to activities in the Congress, providing the association’s members with the latest breaking changes affecting home care and hospice. Learn More

Regulatory Issues

NAHC’s Regulatory staff is responsible for keeping abreast of current federal regulations and government policies that affect an agency’s day to day operations as well as its long term business planning. The regulatory staff is often the first to learn of regulatory changes that have both direct and indirect effects on the home health and hospice industry. This up to the minute tracking of key regulatory events enables members to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing health care environment. Learn More

Clinical Issues

One of NAHC’s primary goals is the promotion of the highest quality care to individuals in need of home care and hospice services through the enrichment of home care clinician’s. The Clinician’s Corner offers nurses and therapists valuable links to best practices and professional resources. Learn More

Legal Services

The Center for Health Care Law is a public interest law firm, established by NAHC in January 1987.  The purpose of the law firm is to help protect the rights of the elderly, disabled, handicapped, and chronically ill who require health care services. Learn More


NAHC’s research staff provides information to members, health care providers, government officials, journalists, scholars, and industry analysts regarding the latest data available for home care and hospice. The research staff tracks trends and developments affecting the health care environment to determine the research questions that need to be assessed to improve the delivery of quality care, understand the political environment, and ensure the future of the home care and hospice industry. Learn More