Session/Other Meeting Handouts

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. Depression, Dementia, and Diabetes: A Looming Epidemic for Baby Boomers. Are you ready? 9/27/2013 pdfthumb
102. 2014 Rebasing: Strategies to Counteract Constant Cuts while Improving Quality of Care 9/18/2013 pdfthumb
103. Cost Report For Beginners and Those Seeking a Refresher Course 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
104. If You Can’t Measure It You Can’t Manage It 9/23/2013 pdfthumb
105. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Integrate the Right Software System 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
106. Winning with Telehealth — Without Breaking the Bank 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
107. Recruiting and Retaining Home Care Talent to Drive Your Growth    
108. Medicaid Home Care and Hospice Program Integrity: Surveying the Landscape 10/30/2013 pdfthumb
109. Practical Measures to Ensure Compliance 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
110. Post-Acute Service Integration: Connecting the Continuum for a Value-Based World 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
111. A Winner in Health Care Reform? Stop Thinking Like a Health Care Provider 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
112. The New Referral Source And it’s Not Hospitals “Are You Ready for the Online Referral Wave?” 9/19/2013 pdfthumb
113. Complex Care Coordination: A New Line of Business for Home Care Agencies 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
114. Home Health in Action: Successful Implementation of Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) Tools and Resources 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
115. Discontinuing Medications: Dialogues for Nurses, Physicians, Patients and Families 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
116. Palliative Care and Hospice in an Accountable Care Model 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
201. Creative Teaching Strategies for Educating Remote Home Care Clinicians 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
202. How the Multi-Factorial Falls Risk Assessment Accurately Predicts Risk of Falls in a Homebound Population 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
203. Minimizing Agency Bad Debt Write-Offs for Unsigned Orders 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
204. Medicaid Pediatric PDN: Meeting Patient Needs within Budget 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
205. Clinical Analytics: Why Most Organizations Can’t Get There 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
206. Telehealth: A Strategy to Achieve Lean Operations and Operations Excellence 10/9/2013 pdfthumb
207. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Health Care Professionals 8/21/2013 pdfthumb
208. I’m on a Board. What are my Legal and Ethical Responsibilities? 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
209. Medicare, Medicaid and Third Party Payer Audits: Latest Developments and Emerging Legal Issues Affecting Home Health and Hospice Providers 9/19/2013 pdfthumb
210. Physician Strategies That Work    
211. 2014 A Watershed Year! What Does it Hold for You? 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
212. Meet ACO’s Needs: Utilize Patient-Centric Standardized Care Processes and Sustain Exceptional Outcomes with Clinical Pathways 10/26/2013 pdfthumb
213. Everything is Marketing 10/17/2013 pdfthumb
214. Reducing Re-Hospitalization Through Effective Depression Treatment 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
215. Hospice Quality Measures and the Consumer: Current Research and Practical Implications for Communicating Quality to Potential Hospice Consumers 10/8/2013 pdfthumb
216. Prognostication 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
301. Improving Wound Outcomes With a Coordinated Cross-Continuum Wound Service 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
302. Tricks or Treats? Home Health Physical Therapy Practice in 2013 and Beyond    
303. Care Integration and Network Models: How to Become a Player 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
304. Game Changers: The Current State of Home Health and Hospice Mergers and Acquisitions and How to Prepare to Sell 9/16/2013 pdfthumb
305. Town Hall Meeting on Health IT Interoperability, Standards & Certification 11/7/2013 pdfthumb
306. Technology to Promote Partnerships and Improve Care Coordination 10/10/2013 pdfthumb
307. The Formula for Hiring Right the First Time 9/27/2013 pdfthumb
308. Fair Labor Standards Act: Increased Litigation on Overtime and Minimum Wage Disputes 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
309. Implementation of Sanctions in Home Health 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
310. How to Maintain Your Margin and Still Provide Superior Quality Care 10/11/2013 pdfthumb
311. From Employee to Ambassador: Transform Your Staff into Brand and Quality Ambassadors 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
312. Health System, First Heal Thyself: Five Keys to Home Health and Hospice Growth 10/10/2013 pdfthumb
314. Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
315. Functional Decline in Hospice: Assessment, Intervention, and Documentation 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
316. Modeling Hospice Changes to Prepare For Medicare Reimbursement and Care Delivery Reform 10/28/2013 pdfthumb
317. Grassroots Lobbying: The 411 on Lobbying on “The Hill” and Beyond! 10/10/2013 pdfthumb
401. Establishing a Home Health/Hospice Bridge Program for Your Agency 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
402. Using Occupational Therapy Services for Affecting Chronic Condition Outcomes 9/27/2013 pdfthumb
403. Mergers and Acquisitions: Buying, Selling and Valuing Panel Discussion 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
404. Medicaid Home Care: Adjusting to the Changes Successfully 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
405. How the Smartphone and m-Health Technologies will Transform Home Care and Hospice 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
406. Tactics to Make Telehealth Pay Off 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
407. Recruiting and Retaining the Millennial Generation    
408. Home Health Regulatory Roundup 10/3/2013 pdfthumb
409. Home Care Compliance: With Increased Enforcement and Sanctions, It Is More Important Than Ever to Ensure Compliance    
410. President’s Forum: Predictions for Future Success    
411. Superstorm Sandy: Lessons Learned in Emergency Management for a Home Health and Hospice Agency 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
412. Enhancing Your Brand 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
413. Health Information Technology:  Using Data to Win in Readmissions in Private Duty Home Care    
414. Hospital Readmission Intervention Strategies 8/30/2013 pdfthumb
415. Child Life and Music Therapy in Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care: A Program Model 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
417. Information Technology Connects Collaboration in the Care Continuum 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
501. Revising the Scope and Standards of Home Health Nursing Practice 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
502. The Role of the Home Health Therapist in Care Transitions Rehospitalizations Reduction 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
504. Medicaid Rate Advocacy: What it Takes to Get Fair Payment 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
505. Combining Technology and Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Outcomes 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
506. The Habits of Highly Effective Telehealth Programs 11/18/2013 pdfthumb
507. Productivity: A Deep Dive in Service of the Triple Aim 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
508. Understanding Your Data Privacy and Security Vulnerabilities with the Electronic Health Record 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
509. From a Surveyor’s Perspective: A Simple Guide to Successful Surveys 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
510. Private Pay in Home Health Care: How Certified Home Health Agencies Can succeed in Private Duty Home Care 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
511. Connecting with the Heart of Home Care: The Importance of a Values-Driven Culture    
512. Three Winning Strategies to Drive Referral and Revenue Growth; Five Killer Mistakes to Avoid 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
513. Negotiating the Sale of a Home Care Agency … The Battle Begins 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
514. The Home Health Challenge in the New Healthcare Landscape: Plan, Prepare, Position and Partner 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
515. Determining Diagnoses Related to Terminal Illness    
516. Selling the Financial Value of Hospice 10/26/2013 pdfthumb
517. Partnering with Physicians – The New Model:  Strategies to Win Business and Improve Care Coordination 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
601. Integrating Chronic Care Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
602. We Have to Comply with Medicare CoPs? But We’re a Pediatric Agency! 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
603. Managing Compliance in the Revenue Cycle 10/11/2013 pdfthumb
604. Merger and Acquisition Market Warms to Less Uncertainty:  What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
605. Advancing Wound Care Documentation: Roadblocks to Results 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
606. Collaborating to Cut Costs and Reduce Readmissions 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
607. Leadership Does Make a Difference 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
608. Employer Mandates under the Affordable Care Act 10/30/2013 pdfthumb
609. Leadership in Home Health: Elevating Everyone’s Role 10/29/2013 pdfthumb
610. Partnering with Patients: The Role of the Home Care Agency in Promoting Patient Engagement 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
611. Transformation; The Key to Organizational Survival 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
612. Move That Bus! Extreme Marketing Makeover (It’s Easier Than You Think) 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
613. Insider’s Guide To Measuring Private Duty Financial Success 8/27/2013 pdfthumb
615. Becoming the “Go To” Hospice:  How to Build Successful Relationships with Nursing Homes in the Changing Regulatory Landscape 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
617. Hospice Inpatient Level of Care: How to Meet Patient Needs and Regulatory Requirements 10/14/2013 pdfthumb
701. PALS-HF: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Advanced Heart Failure 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
702. Improving Outcomes Through Effective Communication 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
703. How Benchmarking Techniques can be Used to Cut Millions In Expenses 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
704. Medicaid Issues Open Forum    
706. Using Telehealth DART to Treat Depression in Home Health 9/16/2013 pdfthumb
707. Hospice Clinical Compensation: Aligned Incentives Requires an Optimum Clinical and IDG Model 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
708. Potential Financial Disincentives for Home Health Patients with Clinical Complexity and Limited Social Resources 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
709. Legal Issues Facing Home Care Agencies: Protecting Your Business, Intellectual Property, and Bottom Line 11/2/2013 pdfthumb
710. Contract Therapy and Home Health Agencies: Is it a Sycophantic or Symbiotic Relationship?    
711. Technology + Team = Reduced Readmissions 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
712. GCM ROI ASAP: What is Geriatric Care Management and How Can It Grow Your Care Continuum? 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
713. Approaching HHCAHPS Improvement from a Multicultural Perspective 11/4/2013 pdfthumb
714. Bridging the Gaps: Providing Transitional Care With Palliative Medicine 9/18/2013 pdfthumb
715. Hospice Association of America Open Forum and Policy Roundup 10/26/2013 pdfthumb
716. PDHCA Open Forum    
801. Home Care Aides: Essential Partners in Chronic Disease Management and Transitional Care Coordination 10/16/2013 pdfthumb
803. Financial Managers Open Forum    
804. Medicare Updates by Palmetto GBA 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
805. Using Personal Dashboards to Empower Your Staff 9/10/2013 pdfthumb
806. Have Heart Failure? Telemonitoring Can Help 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
807. The Unique Role of Private Duty in Chronic Care Management 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
808. Medicare Updates and Reminders from CGS 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
809. Meet Your Medicare Contractor: National Government Services 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
810. Million Hearts Initiative Comes to Home Health 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
811. The Problem of Hospital Readmissions 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
812. Social Media: Reaching Out to Your Community Using Social Media Platforms 10/7/2013 pdfthumb
813. The Diagnosis and Treatment of OASIS Inaccuracy 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
815. The Palliative Home Care Program: One Agency’s Experience 8/20/2013 pdfthumb
816. Marketing Hospice Today for a Changing Tomorrow 11/5/2013 pdfthumb
Pre-conference/General Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
905. Pre-Conference: ICD-10 Coding Basics for Home Health and Hospice Coders 10/9/2013 pdfthumb


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