Session Handouts

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. How to Prepare for Your Post-Acute Partnership: A Fresh Look at Reducing Avoidable Re-hospitalization 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
102. How to use Telehealth, Bridging the Screening and Management of Home Health Depression Program 10/1/2014 pdfthumb
103. How to Contain Costs: Part 1 9/10/2014 pdfthumb
104. How to Integrate Telemonitoring into the Care of Heart Failure Patients to Reduce Hospital Readmissions 9/15/2014 pdfthumb
105. How to Exchange Health Information to Improve Care Transitions 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
106. How to Secure mHealth – Protecting patient health Data  Integrity    
107. Crucial Accountability: How to Hold  Others Accountable for Violated Expectations, Broken Promises or Bad Behavior 9/19/2014 pdfthumb
108. How to Prevent Infection Control Breaches 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
109. How to Have a Successful CCTP Program and so Much more: Home Care’s Pivotal Role in Patient Transitions from Acute to Post-Acute Care Settings 9/25/2014 pdfthumb
110. How to Grow Through Innovative Partnerships in Care 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
111. How to Use EMR Data and Process Management Techniques to Improve Efficiencies and Outcomes 9/9/2014 pdfthumb
114. How to Ensure Compliance, Program Integrity, and More 9/26/2014 pdfthumb
115. How to Manage Accounts Receivable and Cash Flow 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
116. How to Leverage Care Management Services to Build Strategic Referral Partnerships 10/28/2014 pdfthumb
117. How to Create Comprehensive, Resource-Based Hospice Charge Structures 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
118. How to Understand What the Proposed Changes in the Home Health Conditions of Participation Mean to You 10/15/2014 pdfthumb
201. How to Ease Care Transitions and Reduce Hospital Readmissions: The Role of Rehab Therapists 10/18/2014 pdfthumb
202. How to Prevent Complication in Home Infusion Therapy: Current Evidence & Implications 9/19/2014 pdfthumb
203. How to Use Innovative Incentive Compensation Planning for Home Health Clinicians 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
204. How to Contain Costs: Part 2 9/10/2014 pdfthumb
205. How to Enable  an Efficient and Effective Mobile Workforce ~ our BlackBerry and Tablet Journey 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
206. How to Remodel Telehealth Programs for the Future 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
207. How to Build a World-Class Onboarding Program: The First 90 Days 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
208. How to Protect Your Business, Intellectual Property and Bottom Line: Legal Issues Facing Home Care Agencies 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
209. How to Counteract Changes in Reimbursement during Year II while Improving Outcomes: Cost Rebasing 9/9/2014 pdfthumb
210. How to Drive Referral and Revenue Growth + Four Myths That Are Killing Your Business 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
212. How to Deal with Current and Future Changes:  Home Health Regulatory Roundup 10/15/2014 pdfthumb
213. How to Use Technology to Improve Triage Efficiency: The Experience of Tidewell Hospice 9/16/2014 pdfthumb
214. How to Deal with Current and Future Changes: Medicare Hospice Policy Roundup 10/14/2014 pdfthumb
215. How to Establish Partnerships and Opportunities for Home Care Providers in Working with Medical Homes 10/15/2014 pdfthumb
216. How To Determine Objectives, Priorities and Effectiveness: Post-Acute Care Compliance 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
301. How to Incorporate Evidence-based Practices and Clinical Decision Support to Improve Outcomes and Agency Efficiency: The New EMR 9/19/2014 pdfthumb
302. How to Debunk Myths and Misunderstandings about Maintenance Therapy 9/26/2014 pdfthumb
303. How to Use  Scorecards to Manage Revenue Cycle Compliance 10/16/2014 pdfthumb
305. How to use Clinical Decision Support Technology to Improve Clinical Workflow and Margins No Handout  
306. How to Use Community based Connected Care for Chronic Disease Management- A Non Traditional Approach 9/9/2014 pdfthumb
307. How to Provide Service as a Unique Benefit: A Culture of Caring No Handout  
308. How to Stay Informed: Medicare Updates and Reminders from CGS 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
309. How to Stay Informed: Medicare Updates by Palmetto GBA 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
310. How to use Compensations Models in Home Health 10/15/2014 pdfthumb
312. How to Manage Advanced COPD: What Every Home Health Clinician Should Know 9/5/2014 pdfthumb
313. How to Use HHQI Resources to Succeed: Authentic Agency Stories 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
314. How to Use Technology in Home Care: Building Your Business, Forging the Future 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
315. How to Ensure the Future of Home Health and Hospice is in a Time of Shifting Accountabilities 10/10/2014 pdfthumb
317. How to Use Analytic Tools to Identify Cost and Price for Managed Care Negotiations No Handout  
318. How to Prepare Your Hospice for the Revised Cost Reporting Requirements (Part 1) 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
319. How to Develop a Pediatric VARI Prevention Standard Program in Home Care 9/19/2014 pdfthumb
401. How to Have Candid Discussions about Physical Therapy Practice in Home Health 10/1/2014 pdfthumb
402. How to Use Remote Patient  Monitoring in the Post Cardiac Surgery Patient 10/15/2014 pdfthumb
403. How to Improve Bottom Line and P4P Outcomes during Declining Reimbursement: Utilize standardized Point-of-Care Workflows with Clinical Decision Support, QA and QI 9/25/2014 pdfthumb
404. How to Manage within Managed Care: Lessons Learned in Home Care 10/1/2014 pdfthumb
405. How to Ask the Five Right Questions before You Invest in Technology 10/20/2014 pdfthumb
406. How to Enhance Care and Reduce Costs through Telehealth Programs 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
409. How to Communicate Organizational Change No Handout  
410. How to Plan and Package Care Transitions: A Provider’s Perspective 10/15/2014 pdfthumb
411.  How to Be Elite or be Beat! 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
412. How to Develop and Grow Successful Palliative Care Programs 9/16/2014 pdfthumb
413. How to Prepare Your Hospice for the Revised Cost Reporting Requirements (Part 2) 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
414. How to Improve Hospice Staff Productivity Using Optimum Clinical and IDG Models and Incentive Compensation 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
415. Private Duty Home Care Association (PDHCA) Open Forum No Handout  
416. How to Uncover the Potential of Your Business by Benchmarking Your Performance 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
501. How to Avoid the Risk and Defend your Reimbursement: Therapy Underutilization 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
502. How to Continue the Journey Through OASIS 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
503. How to Benchmark from Soup to Nuts 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
504. How to Operate Under Evolving Payment and Service Models 10/20/2014 pdfthumb
505. How to Get to the Data that Matters: Finding the Information Needed for Smart Management Decisions and Operational Changes 9/19/2014 pdfthumb
506. High Tech, High Touch: How Enabling Technologies are Improving Care Collaboration 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
508. How to Use Benchmarks and Metrics to maintain Quality and Margins 10/18/2014 pdfthumb
509. How to Build a Referral Process Focused on Customer Service: It All Starts Here! 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
510. How to Pump HHQI’s Cardiovascular Health into Action 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
511. How to Navigate Recent Wage & Hour Developments in the Home Care Industry and Strategies for Compliance: Legal Update 9/5/2014 pdfthumb
512. How to Use QAPI Data to Prepare for the Hospice Quality Reporting Program and the New Era of Competition 9/16/2014 pdfthumb
513. How to Manage Provider Impact in 2014: Hospice Billing Change Strategies for Managing Provider Impact 10/16/2014 pdfthumb
514. How to Measure Your Finanical Success in Private Duty Home Care 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
516. How to Maximize the Value of the New Cost Reporting Requirements through its Use as a Management Tool 10/10/2014 pdfthumb
601. How to Address the Looming Epidemic in Baby Boomers: Are You Ready? 9/10/2014 pdfthumb
602. How to Educate Your Staff for the Future of the Home Care Industry 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
603. How to Solve the Mystery behind the Multiples in Home Health and Hospice Valuation 9/23/2014 pdfthumb
604. How to Enhance Self-Management through New Technology for Patients and Their Families: Not Your Mother’s Telehealth 9/22/2014 pdfthumb
605. How to use Telehealth and the Key Components in Advanced Illness Management 10/1/2014 pdfthumb
606. How to Build an Excellent Competency Program 9/23/2014 pdfthumb
607. How to Prepare for Medicare Audits and Compliance 9/15/2014 pdfthumb
608. How to Become a Lean Organization While Driving Quality Outcomes 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
609. How to Create Lasting Partnerships and a Meaningful Value Proposition with ACOs 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
610. How to Quantify Opportunities and Threats Caused by the Affordable Care Act(ACA) 10/21/2014 pdfthumb
611. How to Successfully Outsource the Coding and Review Functions in a Home Health Agency 9/29/2014 pdfthumb
612. How to Be Union Free  9/16/2014 pdfthumb
613. How to Think Outside the Box of Medicare Hospice/Home Health/Palliative Care and Advanced Illness Management 10/17/2014 pdfthumb
614. How to Make Your Decisions Stand Up to Government Scrutiny: The Non-Clinical Side of Hospice Relatedness Determinations 9/12/2014 pdfthumb
615. How to Manage Non-Medicare Patients to Maintain Profitability 9/9/2014 pdfthumb
701. How to Use Medication Safely in Chronic Kidney Disease 10/10/2014 pdfthumb
702. How to Engage Patients: Tools and Competencies for Home Health and Hospice Providers 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
703. How to Buy, Sell and Value Panel Discussion: Mergers and Acquisitions 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
704. How to Reduce Costs per Episode by Going Paperless: Case Study 9/26/2014 pdfthumb
705. How to use a Telehealth-based Care Model to Serve the Medicaid Population 9/22/2014 pdfthumb
706. How to Recruit and Hire the Best, the Never-ending Challenge for Home Care 9/12/2014 pdfthumb
707. How to Remain Ready for Surveys: A Surveyor’s Perspective 9/23/2014 pdfthumb
708. How to Develop Staff Competencies that Support Patient Engagement 9/22/2014 pdfthumb
710. How to Drive More Hospice Referrals from Physicians: Hospice Referral Partner Barometer 9/25/2014 pdfthumb
711. ICD-10 Reboot:  How to Get  Your Agency’s  Readiness Planning Back on Track 9/25/2014 pdfthumb
712. How to Comply with the Removal of the Companionship Exemption 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
713. How to Improve the Hospice Experience for Patients and Families with Innovative Intentional Visit and Communications Models 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
714. How to Apply Key Coding Concepts in Establishing a Principal Hospice Diagnosis 10/23/2014 pdfthumb
715. How to Avoid Problems in HHA Medicare Cost Reporting 9/25/2014 pdfthumb
716. How to Monetize Your Business through Home Care Partnerships, M&A, and Valuation 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
717. How to Reduce Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections In Home Care Populations 9/19/2014 pdfthumb
801. How to Decrease Rehospitalizations in Older Adults with Multiple Co-morbidities 9/15/2014 pdfthumb
802. How to Meet the Challenge: Preventing and Controlling Infections in Home Care and Hospice 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
803. How to Enter an Era of Consolidation: Are You the Buyer or Seller? 9/15/2014 pdfthumb
804. How to Improve Population Health through an Electronic Wound Management Program 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
805. How to Use Integrated Telehealth Care in Home Health Agencies: A National Survey by NAHC and UPenn 9/4/2014 pdfthumb
806. How to Stay the Course in Compliance and Ethics 10/10/2014 pdfthumb
807. How to Identify Home Care and Hospice’s Triggers and Indicators: Crisis Standards of Care 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
809. How to Meet Regulatory & Legal Recommendations: Clinical Documentation 9/23/2014 pdfthumb
810. How to Build a Successful Strategy for the Removal of Companionship Exemption 9/5/2014 pdfthumb
811. How to Assess and Manage Pain: I Can’t Give You Anything Else Should Never Be the Answer 9/23/2014 pdfthumb
812. How to Master Hospice Aggregate CAP Reporting and Financial Management 10/7/2014 pdfthumb
813. How to Plan to Sell Your Business – Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Ownership Transitions 9/25/2014 pdfthumb
815. Financial Managers Open Forum No Handout  
816. How to Develop Strategies for Success in Medicaid Home Care: Medicaid Home Care Operations Best Practices Round Table No Handout  
817. How to Conduct an HR Audit of Your Private Duty Agency 9/26/2014 pdfthumb
Pre-conference/General Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
Pre-conference: Transitional Care Management No Handouts  
CEO Leadership School No Handouts  


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