Emerging Legal Trends in Home Care & Hospice – Part 2

Emerging Legal Trends in Home Care & Hospice
Part 2: Government Audits and Investigations

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 ; 2:00-3:00pm Eastern

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It’s no longer a question of “if” you will be subject to a government audit or investigation, merely a question of “when.” So, prepare now to mitigate the damage and help avoid (or at least prolong) the inevitable. Unchecked billing errors can literally threaten the very existence of your organization. Learn what auditors will be looking for and how you can respond both in advance and during an investigation, whether it’s the OIG, DOJ, UPIC, ADR, or one of the many other alphabet soup agencies who may come knocking.

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Beginning in May and continuing through December, NAHC will bring together the top experts in the industry to examine the most important legal topics in home care and hospice.

Home care and hospice is a highly regulated industry, as such, it forces providers to maintain a strong working knowledge of a bewildering array of legal issues just to stay in business — fortunately, NAHC has a solution. This 10-part webinar series offers an in-depth and practical analysis of the key legal topics every home care and hospice executive should understand.

Every part of your organization is impacted by legal and regulatory trends, that’s why we provide insight and guidance for everyone in your organization from clinical to finance to legal. These webinars will help your entire organization stay ahead of the curve.


  • Jason Bring, Esq., Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP


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May 19: Government Audits and Investigations
Jun 9: HIPAA 101: Back to Basics
Jul 14: Fraud and Abuse: Stark and Anti-kickback Law
Aug 11: Employment Law Issues
Sep 22: Wage & Hour Law
Nov 30: ACA Employer Mandate and Employee Retention Credits
TBD: Payment Audits and Appeals
TBD: Managed Care Contracting
TBD: Legal Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions