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Pre-Conference Session Descriptions

The following Pre-Conferences are running concurrently from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 28, 2015. Lunch is included.

You can only register for one of these pre-conferences:

501. Hospice Summer Camp 2015

This program provides an updated and  thorough overview of the financial aspects of hospice, including discussion of emerging national economic and policy changes which will impact hospice operations, regulatory issues and revenue enhancing strategies.  It is structured for Intermediate-Advanced hospice executives. The Hospice Summer Camp is designed specifically for professionals seeking to sharpen the skills and knowledge needed to improve management hospice financial operations in this changing environment.

The session topics will include:

  • Health care reform and participating in the changes
  • Hospice staff compensation, strategies for improved productivity and case capacity
  • Palliative Care Services and impact on Hospice Services
  • General Inpatient Services, owned or leasing arrangements, respite and residential services.
  • Financial accounting for all hospice services including bereavement, physician services, volunteers, therapies including music, massage, pet, liaisons or community representatives.
  • Strategies for Revenue Enhancement including public education and marketing methodologies
  • New Hospice Cost Reporting
  • Hospice cap calculation


  • Identify hospice financial management essentials including the accounting, operational and statistical structure for a home health agency.
  • Review crucial reimbursement and revenue strategies to achieve bottom-line success with hospice.
  • Describe health system dynamics that may affect future opportunities for hospice and palliative care services.
  • Explain the intent behind government efforts to increase hospice reporting requirements and modify the hospice cost report.
  • Identify reports required for monitoring financial operations and the specific components used to calculate each indicator.
  • Recognize the expected capabilities of an agency’s IT systems and internal/external data sources.
  • Identify compensation strategies to maximize productivity while maintaining quality of performance
  • Identify specific analysis procedures to understand and optimizing financial operations.

Course LevelIntemediate; Nursing 5.0 CEs; Accounting 5.0 CPEs (NASBA/MAS)

601. Home Health Summer Camp 2015

Home health personnel new to the industry, new agencies and established agencies will benefit from a detailed understanding of the fundamental financial tools and operational strategies for developing and maintaining positive financial outcomes.  It is an updated  program designed for beginner  to intermediate level financial staff members who have some experience in home care financial management and who wish to expand their knowledge in the diverse world of home care finance. This pre-conference is focused on

  • current Medicare reimbursement issues faced by home health agencies
  • essential benchmark data needed to manage a home health agency
  • integration of back office and clinical technologies
  • how to best use the Medicare cost report as a management resource tool
  • achieving compliance with reporting responsibilities on organizational change and structure
  • establishing billing oversight processes
  • undertaking a feasibility analysis for instituting new programs, expanding service areas, and creating branch offices


  • Recognize the current Medicare reimbursement issues affecting home health agencies and how to best deal with them.
  • Identify essential benchmark data in home health services, acquisition points, and best practices in managing with the data
  • Understand the proven techniques for maximizing the Medicare cost report as a financial management tool
  • Identify the requirements for timely reporting of organizational changes through the CMS 855
  • Develop useful processes for achieving compliance with Medicare coverage and billing requirements

Course LevelIntemediate; Nursing 5.0 CEs; Accounting 5.0 CPEs (NASBA/MAS)

701. CPA Summer Camp

If you are a CPA working in home care or hospice, the Financial Management Conference is a great opportunity to hone your skills with the excellent program focused on the most important financial management matters in our world. However, as a CPA you must fulfill continuing education requirements in areas beyond your current specialty. The HHFMA Advisory Board has added this special preconference this year to address that need with programming in non-health care related CPA fields of education. In doing so, you can secure CPEs that help you maintain your hard-earned credentials.

The subject matter that will be covered is all non-health care focused. It includes:

  • Business taxation
  • Budgeting
  • Cost accounting
  • Ethics
  • Financial planning
  • Business forecasting
  • Auditing


  • Recognize important changes in business taxation requirements for 2015 and 2016
  • Describe the essentials of budgeting processes in today’s accounting standards
  • Identify the current ethic standards in accounting
  • Develop the tools needed for effective business forecasting from an accounting perspective

Course LevelIntemediate; Nursing 5.0 CEs; Accounting 5.0 CPEs (NASBA/MAS)

801. Addressing Human Resources Issues in Home Care

Home care and hospice are businesses with the workforce as their core resource. As in many other businesses, productivity and performance quality matter significantly. That means that staff recruitment, training, and retention of talent is a crucial component to operational success. This program offers a specialized focused on the human resources issues, best practices, and legal requirements that affect home care and hospice employers. The topics that will be covered include:

  • Personnel policies
  • Recruiting practices
  • Talent assessment
  • Staff accountability
  • Understand what it takes to hire and keep the valuable resource, yourstaff and what it coststo lose them
  • Avoiding employment discrimination
  • Wage and Hour laws


  • Apply best practices in staff employment and retention
  • Recognize what it takes to recruit and retain excellent staff
  • Interpret employment laws affecting your organization

Course LevelIntemediate; Nursing 5.0 CEs; Accounting 5.0 CPEs (NASBA/MAS)

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