Session Handouts

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. Medicare Payment Rate Rebasing 2014 and 2015 Style — What you know and what you should know! 6/26/2015 pdfthumb
102. How to Build an Effective Palliative Care Program 6/25/2015 pdfthumb
103. Change Management in home care and hospice    
104. I Know I am Spending on Sales, What Am I Getting for My Investment? 6/23/2015 pdfthumb
201. Financial Risks in Medical Review: Responding, Reacting and Rebounding 6/24/2015 pdfthumb
202. Hospice Revenue Growth 6/16/2015 pdfthumb
203. Risk Sharing in Medicare: Can it Work for You? 7/1/2015 pdfthumb
204. Successful Managed Care Negotiation Strategies using Accurate Costs and Win-Win Pricing! 6/16/2015 pdfthumb
301. Home Health Services Revenue Cycle Management 7/1/2015 pdfthumb
302. The Power of Benchmarks:  Using Benchmarks to Drive Hospice Performance Improvement 6/17/2015 pdfthumb
303. Critical Revenue Growth Strategies for Home Care Agencies 6/25/2015 pdfthumb
304. The Compliance Landscape: What CEOs and CFOs Need to Know 6/24/2015 pdfthumb
401. High Quality Care and Positive Patient Outcomes Result in Positive Financial Outcomes – Now Prove It With Data! 6/16/2015 pdfthumb
402. Hospice Revenue Cycle: Optimizing Compliance & Effectiveness 6/24/2015 pdfthumb
403. Value Based Purchasing Begins in 2016 – Will You Be Ready? 6/8/2015 pdfthumb
404. From “Oh, No!” to “Way to Go!” : A Path to Staff Accountability 7/1/2015 pdfthumb
Pre-conference Summer Camps
501. Hospice Summer Camp 2015 6/25/2015 pdfthumb
601. Home Health Summer Camp 2015 6/22/2015 pdfthumb
701. CPA Summer Camp 6/25/2015 pdfthumb
801. Addressing Human Resources Issues in Home Care 6/24/2015 pdfthumb
General Sessions
900. Opening General Session: National Home Care and Hospice Update 6/24/2015 pdfthumb
901. HHFMA Healthcare Leadership Panel – Who Owns the Future of Health Care?    
902. The Inevitable Future of Home Care, Hospice and Care at Home and the Change Strategies Needed to Become a Leader in This New Environment    
903. Closing General Session: Financial Managers Open Forum    



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