Session Handouts

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. Future Directions: Evaluating and Executing a Palliative Care Strategy 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
102. Medicaid Home Care: Adjusting to the Changes Successfully 7/25/2013 pdfthumb
103. The Affordable Care Act: Is Your Organization At Risk of the ACA Penalty Tax in 2014? 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
201. Improving Your Hospice Services’ Bottom Line: Cost Efficiency in Tighter Reimbursement 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
202. Home Health Care Costs: Finding Even More Efficiencies 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
203. ACA Employer Mandates: Strategies to Reduce Costs and Risks 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
204. Care Integration and Network Models: How to Become a Player 7/25/2013 pdfthumb
301. Modeling Hospice Changes to Prepare For Medicare Reimbursement and Care Delivery Reform 7/24/2013 pdfthumb
302. Top Business Intelligence Tools to Improve Financial Performance 7/28/2013 pdfthumb
303. Finance Leadership as Strategic Team Leader in Home Care: Elevating the “Bean Counters’” Role 7/30/2013 pdfthumb
304. Reducing Hospital Re-Admissions: Home Care as the Solution 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
401. Minimize Reimbursement Risks: Keys to Developing a Successful hospice Compliance Audit Program for Billing 7/16/2013 pdfthumb
402. Budgeting and Forecasting to Meet Your Strategic Planning Needs in Home Health 7/15/2013 pdfthumb
403. Defining and Driving Value: Provider and Payer Perspectives 7/24/2013 pdfthumb
404. Leveraging Technology to Drive Transformational Change and Innovation 7/26/2013 pdfthumb
601. Hospice Summer Camp 7/24/2013 pdfthumb
701. Home Care Summer Camp 7/24/2013 pdfthumb
900. Opening General Session: National Update 7/26/2013 pdfthumb
902. General Session: Healthcare Leadership Panel — The Views of Health Care Industry Stakeholders 7/26/2013 pdfthumb


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