PDGM Education

The Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), which was implemented on January 1, 2020, will revolutionize the payment methodology for all Medicare Home Health Agencies in the United States. We’ve developed several options to provide you with the in-depth tools you need to ensure your agency is fully prepared to make a smooth transition. Click on the links below to find the resources that are right for you and your team.

“We could not have prepared for this major payment and process change without the direction NAHC provided. We used the NAHC Webinars, updates with the experts, conferences, summits, physician education, tools, etc. to steer our way through the preparation stage of PDGM. Without NAHC’s resources and the NAHC leadership team sharing their expertise, we are certain we would be much less prepared for PDGM and more at risk as an agency.”

— Susan VandeBrake, Administrator at Atrio Home Health

*Coming Soon* 2020 PDGM National Summits

As a follow up to last year’s successful one-day summits, we will co-host 12 one-day summits across the United States in partnership with the NAHC Forum of States. These will occur late-March to mid-April. More details to come.

PDGM Resource Center

This page provides information on industry specialists that can assist agencies with navigating the complexities of the new payment model. Learn more

Virtual Learning Opportunities

PDGM: Strategies for Success in 2020 and Beyond – Video (Level – Starting)
This course offers 5 1/2 hours of knowledge-building materials that will provide you with a complete overview of PDGM and what it will mean for your agency. Learn more

PDGM Webinar Series of Nine (Level – Graduate)
This webinar series is for those who already have a clear understanding of PDGM and will hone in on specific topics related to PDGM at a more granular level. The series has been recorded and is available on demand. Dependent on your needs, you can register for a single webinar or the entire series. Learn more

In-Person Learning Opportunities

  • 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo Pre-Conference
  • 2020 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo Educational Sessions
  • 2020 Financial Management Conference & Expo Pre-Conference
  • 2020 Financial Management Conference & Expo Educational Sessions

2020Partnering State Associations (coming soon)

2019 Partnering State Associations

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