2019 PDGM Video & Webinar Series
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the access for the video limited to a one-time viewing?
Answer: No, agencies will have unlimited access to this resource for as long as they want. Users will simply need to enter their credentials to view it. Credentials may be shared by staff within the same organization.

Question: Can the video be viewed more than once and by more than one staff member at the same agency?
Answer: Yes, everyone at the agency can view it for one low price. You can gather everyone together and watch it at the same time or at different times based on staff availability.

Question:  Where can I find descriptions for the webinars?
Answer: The descriptions and learning objectives are posted here.

Question: If I am not available the day of the webinar will I be able to watch it later?
Answer: Yes. If you cannot attend the webinar live, you will receive instructions on how to access it later. You can also log into your account and access all previously registered webinars.

Question: If I purchase the Webinars Series after the series has already started will I still be able to access all of the webinars?
Answer: Yes, each of the webinars will be recorded so you will be able to access all of the past webinars in the series whenever you want.

Question: If more than one person at my agency wants to attend the webinar, do both need to register separately?
Answer: No, only one registration is needed per agency. Our goal is to provide cost-effective training courses on PDGM for agencies across the country.

State Association FAQs

Question: How do I know if my state association is  a partner?
Answer: Visit this page for a complete listing: http://www.nahc.org/pdgm-state-partners

Question: What do I do if I’m a state association member but the discount code is not working?
Answer: If your State Association has provided you with the discount codes, you must visit http://www.nahc.org/pdgm-states to purchase the PDGM Educational offerings. (Note: Once the item has been added to your cart, you will input the code just before entering your payment information.)

Question: How do I receive the State Association discount code?
Answer: Unfortunately, NAHC cannot verify your State Association membership. Please contact your State Association directly to find out whether or not they are a participating partner. If they are, they can provide you with their state-specific discount codes.